Walking is something I’ve never used to describe a personality, but I guess it does hold a lot of evidence within it. I have always enjoyed the work that goes into reading a person based on body language alone, the words with no sound. It amazes me that human beings and life itself can communicate without sound.

As I’ve grown something I’ve found is my left foot points forward and my right points slightly out to the right. I would always be keeping a Bee-Gees pace and mostly walking on my toes. It was a very weird thing to notice and to start to analyze, but I am glad I have because it helped me recognize different things.

I’ve stopped walking around with the tips of my toes to the ground. My heels make the first booming sound and my stride will be lucky if I reach just below my big toe. I’ve become loud and lazy over the last couple years, and my posture is a sure sign of this. Some say my tip-toed stride was a sign of cowardice.

"Always ready to run," she would say with a grimace. "You move so fast without a thought and if it all falls down you’re already on the move, never to be caught."

A coward some said but I just don’t like to stand still. I don’t like to let the thoughts of what I could be doing get mashed together in my head to end up spilled on the floor and spread out for everyone to see. It may not look like it to you, but I have a very meticulous way of sorting the chaos.

Then I ask her, “Well what about you? You always brag about being 2 steps ahead of me. Your stride has always been pretty spot on to the beating of the drum at the night club where we first met. Your arms rock back and forth like the bench swing where we first kissed. You back keeps a tiny arch to accentuate the chest, my favorite pillow, that holds the heart I helped restitch.”

And she said, “What? What ABOUT the way I walk?”

After that response, I realized why I’ve been stuck on my heels.